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For the past 29 years Cal Retirement has specialized in helping retirement minded individuals build, maintain and optimize their retirement and savings plans. We believe the safety and predictability should be the foundation of a well laid plan.  Therefore, the programs we offer come standard with predictable returns, income guarantees, built-in liquidity, tax benefits and lifetime income options. Cal Retirement strives to  put our clients on a path which will allow their retirement accounts to provide predictable, sustainable  income, so they may  enjoy a financially worry-free retirement.

Over the years we’ve worked with  thousands of Government employees integrating their various retirement, benefit and pension plans into a cohesive plan designed to provide a lifetime for financial security. We are familiar with FERS, CSRS, PERS, STRS, TSP and 403b plans, to mention a few.

Because economic and market fluctuations can’t be controlled nor predicted, the programs we design come with safety nets and guarantees which allow your accounts to captive high fixed returns or participate in the growth of stock market indexes without the fear of losing money. Your principal and past gains are never at risk….they are guaranteed by some of countries leading financial services firms, and they’ll put it in writing.

We’d enjoy the opportunity to show you how our programs can benefit you and your family.

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